Available to chat

So after my foray into the bar scene that turned out not so good,  I began to wonder what my other options were for well, meeting men.   I am always hearing commercials for match.com, eHarmony, and Chemistry.com so I looked into it.  Apparently I am not eligible for eHarmony, eharmony requires you to be legally single, not divorced, not separated, not the he-is-an-abusive-asshole-who-is-dragging-out-the-divorce-and-I-am-never-going-back-to-him that all qualifies as single on Facebook status single, but actual you-can-get-married-tomorrow single.  Match.com and chemistry while they looked interesting, intriguing really have one huge flaw, at least for me.  They cost money.  Now I don’t know about any one else out there, but with the tough economic times, the price of divorce, and taking care of a household and kids all with money from my own pocketbook, I don’t have any extra cash lying around I am willing to invest in finding a stranger online.  I am pretty sure I can do that for free.

I began the search for free websites, and wholy-moley there are a ton of them.  Granted none of them have as many members as match.com, even collectively they don’t have as many members, but does that really matter?  I mean how many people is anyone really looking for at a time?

I found Zoosk.com, OkCupid.com, PlentyOfFish.com, and a whole bunch more.  I am sure the list would be endless if I had the time to look, but I don’t really which is why I am giving the whole online thing a try.  These 3 seem the most promising.  So I am registered and ready and as the pop-up box says: Available to chat.


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