Sexy like a truck driver

“Sexy like a truck driver” – well, that’s a new one…  

When I think of a truck driver I either think of either an overweight old man with his crack hanging out of his grimy saggin’  blue jeans and a dirty shirt, with a swirl of blue tobacco smoke surrounding him with a cigarette dangling from his mouth,


A slightly tanned 6 ft tall mass of muscles, wearing blue jeans that hug his assets, and work boots that have actually seen more than one good days work and you can tell, nothing new or shiny about them; a tight-ass t-shirt that shows off those arm guns and alludes to the ripples of strength under it and huge capable hands.  This is completed with any number of hairstyles, just nothing with gel, maybe a well worn cap, eyes that I could dive into a slight smirk on the face, and a cigarette dangling from his lips.


A slender  5′ 6 woman in skin tight jeans and a t-shirt in the dead of winter, putting on 3 inch stiletto fuck me boots,  with a cigarette dangling from my lips…

Apparently to be a truck driver, you just got to wear blue jeans and dangle a cigarette from your lips. 


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