Torturing my man…

I’ve got plenty of men, that’s not a problem for me apparently at this point, but as I said before I am the other woman for many of them, and for the others I am but a cyber / texting fantasy… It doesn’t bother me, in fact I love it, I can torture them all from afar, and they eat it up like a puppy laps up a bowl of milk, but my favorite one? The only one out of the bunch that could have my heart if he wanted it, and already has had me and oh how I ache and yearn for him to have me again, the one who’s got me wrapped around his little finger, if he only knew…

He is my magical Rooster, with his Cock-a-doodle-do. He travels for work, meaning he’s home on the weekends to play, but all week long in far off places building important things, things we all love and need and cherish.

But, oh how I love to torture him, to build him up, to tempt and torment, to flirt and be coy, to joke and talk. I listen to him vent and tell him poor baby. I offer to help ease his burdens, to relax him fully (if you know what I mean), and when he’s here I will anytime he’s able, but when he’s away? That’s when I get to have a little fun, to make him want what sits waiting in the Holler many states away. When he can’t kiss, and when he can’t touch, and he’s riding in a truck with a crew of men, and can’t do anything about what’s rising in his pants, but sit and bear it like a man.

Today, I am torturing him, getting even from the weekend in my own special way. Torturing him like no other woman can, building him up and making things move; making him sit and adjust, sending visual aids that only worsen his situation causing him to squirm in his pants. Describing what I would and could and do do, so that his pants get moist with out him doing anything, teasing and playing and torturing him, until he might explode. And there is nothing he can do about it, that is unless he wants to take care of it himself in a truckstop bathroom.

It might be mean, but it is so much fun! I am such a bad girl…


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  1. Excellent article, thanks!

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