Party for 1

tequila and smokes...


A crisp clear freezing-cold night up in the northern country , the full moon peaking through the naked trees, a bottle of Cuervo, and a pack of blacks to keep me company while Pandora blared through the speakers. Somehow the idea got put in my head that dancing naked in the moonlight is what life is all about, since it’s one of those things I have yet to do, and I had nothing better to do except drive my men crazy from a far, the idea kept flitting in and out of my head till I decided to go outside and have a smoke. I bundled up 2 pairs of pants, knee high work boots, wool socks, a shirt, a flannel, a thermal lined sweatshirt heavy duty farm jacket a tasseled beanie, and mismatched gloves, I was a sight to see I’m sure – good thing I live in the holler with no one for company but animals.

I danced to the beat of lady Gaga, as I am not one to ever hold still, I decided a shot of tequila wouldn’t be a bad idea, I mean what’s wrong with drinking alone on a random Tuesday after all? 1 shot turned to 2, and I began to forget about the cold. Off came the gloves, they were to hard to text with them on anyways, off came the the jacket thrown on a heap on the porch. I continued to bounce around to the beet of Florance and the Machine, sipping on my 3rd shot of Tequila and howling at the moon. The sweatshirt was no longer necessary nor were the boots or the 2nd pair of pants and before long I was dancing like a crazy person in my front yard in the middle of the night laughing my ass off, smoking too much and in nothing more than my jeans and a short sleave shirt.

I attempted to massage my poor aching back, to do yoga, and to stay upright on my feet… As I went inside stripping off the rest of my clothes into the warmth of the house, the full effects of how much I had drank hit me, and I realized that my shot glasses are twice as lare as any of the country bars around here, and 8 shots of anything is way over my limit.

The full moon makes people crazy, and I’m no exception. It’s a good thing I was stuck at home last night and couldn’t go anywhere or I am certain I would have gotten myself into trouble somehow…But hey every now and then we all need to have a party for 1.


One Response to “Party for 1”

  1. SITMON,
    I had to like this post. Right?
    Le Clown

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