Lefty – That’s me.

Cute boys always make learning more fun…

Today Betty and I learned how to shoot guns, big ones, small ones, loud ones and that ones that have a kick!

It was fun by all,  my sexy friend that has a great ass and was our teacher and provider of guns for the day  said he knew it was going to be an entertaining afternoon –  but I don’t think he knew what he was in for with talks of how I spank her ass, that she is non-fuckable and has a belt around her knees, and me saying it was to heavy that my other arm is the strong one 😉

I gotta say holding a cock is a lot easier than holding a 12 gauge shot-gun, and uses a whole different bunch of muscles…  And it only became harder hold up when we finally discovered I was a left-eye and had to hold the gun with the other arm!!!   I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a long time that didn’t involve drunkenness or nakedness!  It was definitely a great afternoon, although Betty will now always be introduced as the non-fuckable one…

He is and has always been on my list, and after this afternoon, he is most definitely still there, to bad I’m not on his, we could have a lot of fun…  But Betty may be if she plays her cards right!




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