flannel shirts

The last few weeks I have noticed a new phenomenon, or two or more… And they all seem to be happening on the dance floor, it doesn’t matter if it’s the only nightclub in a 100 mile radius where all the look-at-me-I’m-so-perfect snobby girls go, the pub, or the trashy hotel bar where the out-of-town_-construction guys stay that just happpens to be next to the only all night eatery in the county.

The first one is the new hipster-mustache-growing-flannel-wearing-douche:


I have seen this look in all three places, sometimes the mustache is real, and others a fake sticky one. Now all girls love a good mustache ride, but really? A fake mustache? That’s just going to fall off if he’s doing it right…

Sometimes you also get the sunglasses at night look going with it too.. Really? is it 1985 still? or did you just come back from the eye doctor?

Personally? I love the whole flannel look being a country girl and all, but no way a girl could pull this look off during a night out on the town and get away with it, well actually there is 1 way to pull it off, but it wouldn’t involve pants…

Girl only wearing tight fitting flannel shirt


3 Responses to “flannel shirts”

  1. Exactly! The flannel lumberjack look is better suited for a popcorn movie night in one’s living room. And moustaches are not invited, not even during Movember.

    • I see nothing wrong with a flannel at the right time and place, working on a farm for instance, or hiking, it is an extremely sexy look IMO, but one I see everyday, we girls don’t walk around in 4 inch stilettos all week, so when we take the effort to put them on, least a guy can do is put on his going out clothes too, and not just a clean version of what we see them in everyday of the week…

  2. thanks.very good blog and very good share.

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