Leave that on!

I have met two flannel loving hipsters over the last 2 weeks.

Well, if you consider dancing on the dance floor,  no names exchanged, only lots of groping on their part and mine to I guess (guilty by association) meeting,which I am.

Both danced very um, interestingly?  I’m not sure if it would be considered freaking, or group grinding where you can not get away, or a weird potty dance…  The ending up butt to butt with your friends, or other men is not the unusual part, it was more the way they pinned both my knees together between theirs, usually it’s more of a his knee/ her knee kinda thing,  but they both had my knees inside of both their knees, a very awkward dancing stance for sure…  I almost like I was going to fall over – not that I could have considering their hands were all over my ass along with my friends and other boys asses that were right behind me!     It was very weird, definitely weird…

But then the more disturbing (really I don’t know how disturbed I could have been considering how drunk I was) was when the first one the Dance Club flannel wearing hipster –  started messing with my clothes of the dance floor.  Like as in pulling my dress up so my ass was exposed (thank god for tights and my friends  ass that was rubbing up on the other side of mine -see above- . Dresses are meant to cover ones ass thank you very much!  At least on the dance floor, the stripping is reserved for afterwards!

The other one – Hometown flannel wearing hipster- didn’t try that, but then again at the local watering holes I have learned to wear jeans, especially in the winter time, but someone else tried pulling down my shirt and bra! WTF?

Did I miss something somewhere?  When did it become okay to try to undress random girls on the dance floor?  Is this a new thing that is going to be happening everywhere now?  Should I just assume every time I go out some random part of my body is going to be exposed to strangers?  Maybe I should just save them the trouble and show up naked…


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