Dating Value

Everything in life has a value and your dating life is no exception.  We all have a dating value meaning how valuable or desirable a date we are.   Lots of things factor into this, it’s not a hot-or-not kinda game, while age is a factor it really isn’t the end all of all end-alls either since their are single people from 12 to 102 looking for their someone special or just a quick hookup.

What is your dating value?  That’s a tricky one it depends on a lot, including where you live, out here in the sticks my dating value is a lot different than if I were in my hometown in the land of the tall…  Here?  A girl of 5’6 is taller than many of the men which lowers her value, back in the land of the tall, most guys are closer to 6 foot, so it raises her value.

Other factors include the obvious ones weight,  body tone, and general appearance, but their is so much more to it that that since guys like all shapes and sizes those all are pretty mute points.

Here’s an important one,  guys say they are okay with kids, and for the most part they are, but it’s the # of kids and # of fathers that set your value on this one, the higher the # of kids – the lower the dating value, the same goes for the different men you happen to have sired children by, on this one the goal is 1 – for all of your children to have a single father be it 1 lone child or a brood of a dozen: the more fathers the lower the dating value.

the other top factors?  How often you are able to go out the more the better, if you drink socially and are generally sociable add to your value.  Smoking is the tricky one  some places if you smoke it detracts, while others it adds, again it is a lot to do with locale,

Dating value allows you to know what you can be for someone else, if you can find ever-after blissful happiness and love with a man you desire, if you can get a steady boyfriend, if you are destined to a life of first dates and good friends, or to be the 2nd – 2nd girlfriend, the girl on the side, the mistress,  or if you are going to be forever alone unless you want to pick from the scraps of society…

For example a 5’4 160lb. smoker with 3 kids by 1 father in the sticks would be equal to a 5’8  160lb. non-smoker with 1 child in the land of the tall, if all other factors were the same, same face, personality, etc.  It’s all perspective… and she would be able to attain a steady boyfriend and possibly grasp for ever-after blissful happiness.

So what does one do when they live somewhere with a  low dating value?  They could move, but that’s not very practical…   They could change things about them, but that’s not right either.   In the end I guess it’s important to know what your dating value is so you can be realistic about what it is you can get and expect.

I’m not telling you to shoot for the stars and dream big, but sometimes it’s nice to know where you stand.  Me I’ve got some things going for me and some things that aren’t none of which I could change, and  in the land of the tall my value is different than here in the sticks, but either way it’s good to know where I stand.




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