Oral fixation

I’m a mouthy kinda girl…

I always need to have something in my mouth: words, laughter, food, cigarettes, fingers,  mints, drinks, tongues and even cocks.   But the thing I love most to do with my mouth is laugh and kiss.  I love to kiss, and I could laugh and kiss all day and all night…

Smiles and laughter make the world go – round, and always brighten ones day.  Having a bad moment, upset at something?   A friendly smile can lift your mood; A laugh can make you happy for a few moments, and a good kiss can leave you smiling for days.  But what’s even better is when the two of them are combined…

I don’t understand how some people just can’t kiss, a chicken peck is not a kiss, it is uptight and closed and no fun at all.    An innocent kiss on Betty’s cheek has more passion than that and leaves her roaring with laughter as someone snaps a pic and immortalizes the moment on Facebook, or kissing the cheek of your ex’s best friend just because you can and he walks around with a red lipstick smudge in the pub till his wife notices it hours later and goes to wipe it off, and just laughs when you said it was you – she doesn’t care, just because you are who you are and they are who they are and we are all good with that.  Or when Betty comments on how loud you are  making out with a guy on the “cursed” sofa during what turns out to be a grown-up sleepover and instead of commenting you just throw the remote at her so she can turn the sound on to drown you out, and the next morning you laugh about it together over coffee and smokes.  That is what life is about,    kissing and laughter, they go and hand in hand and make the world a better place…

Now everyone go kiss someone quick!

And that red lipstick stain?  Yep, it’s mine…


One Response to “Oral fixation”

  1. Whoa! Voluptuous! 🙂 Gotta love that word. He-he…

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