Whiskey dick

Have you heard of it?   I hadn’t…   I know surprising, right?  And apparently it is not only caused by whiskey but also gin, beer, vodka, beer, crown royale, beer,  pretty much anything served at a bar…

I went from never hearing of it to encountering it 3 times in less than 2 weeks.  It was a definitely a frustrating learning curve to say the least.  It makes a girl question if it’s her, if she did something wrong, and racking her brain for hours on end to figure out how to fix it…

Besides the fact that it leaves her wanting and unfulfilled and just a wee bit agitated…  So much so that Bob had to come out to play, but we all know that while Bob is up to the task he is  just not the same as a nice warm body with strong arms, a warm mouth, and a shoulder to sleep on…

I have found the cure, finally!  Well, actually 2 of them.   One,  don’t let the guys drink so damn much that it causes a problem. And the 2nd one plays into my oral fixation problem, wink wink…  Personally though, I would rather never encounter this problem again! 3 times is enough to last me a very, very long time!

Yeah, and telling a guy that they can only have one or the other – meaning to much to drink or a good romp, does not leave them in a very good mood!

So here’s hoping that that was a lesson learned that I will never have to draw back on, for a lifetime!



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