Betty is my scapegoat

After 2 nights of late night adventures with the Lumberjack, Betty, the Green Lantern and others, at an afternoon movie with Betty and the kids  my phone had a mind of it’s own… while one of my would-be suitors sits by – Tom Thumb,  the smart one, the  one that could be great but I am just not feeling it, especially since  he broke the rules and thinks I should commend him for doing so, which in my life is a big no-no.  I have very few rules that I abide by and I expect them to be followed, especially if I have point blank told you what they are, but  I digress, that’s for another time…

Sitting in the movie surrounded by little ones on a scant few hours of sleep texting away, not so into the movie that is before us,   Betty inquired to why I didn’t have my usual smile on my face, I replied that ” I would rather be back in bed with the Lumberjack…” but instead of going to it’s intended destination it flew randomly through cyberspace to land in Tom Thumbs inbox instead, as he sat 6 feet away with a random scattering of the mine, Betty, and Thumbs  kids between us.   Oh boy!  He was not pleased and very confused, and sent me a message back to let me know of my mishap… Thank god Betty was up to the challenge after she laughed her ass off at my life, and the problems I get myself into,   she said to tell him I was talking about her, that it was an inside joke referring to how she saws logs in her sleep and we had just gotten up, which would have been all innocent and all, I mean what’s wrong with 2 friends having a sleepover after a night of partying? Nothing,  that is until the lights came on and everyone except me noticed the HUGE fucking hickie on the side of my neck left by the real Lumberjack in the night, not my tiny female comrade.  Once I was informed of this it made my reply to him all that much more special.  Remember, I am in the midle of nowhere?  Know how people love to talk – especially when we are all to poor to afford TV?  This is going to be great, just can’t wait to hear what rumors are going to abound now.  But, at least some good can come out of it I mean if they are talking about me and Betty it will take the pressure off someone else, right?

Good thing she is the best wing-woman in the North, even if it makes it look like we’ve been messing around and sleeping together.   And thank god for Alias’s…   And that’s exactly why we use them to keep some things a mystery to the Cyber Gods, snooping kids, and mishaps like this one!  Ooops!


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