Mormon Supper

My besty Betty and I have dinners frequently with each other and all the little wild people.  I t is something of a tradition now our weekly meals, something the small ones look forward to as well as Betty and I.    It’s pretty strait forward, 2 single women who live alone and the little people that surround us 5 days a week, her house or mine it doesn’t matter, long as I do the cooking.

But this week we ended up trying something different we invited others to our meal of chaos, for chaos is what it is happy, joyful, fun, loud, alive chaos.  It’s the stuff memories are made of.

We all played, we talked and smoked as the larger of the small ones harvested wild delicacies to add to our meal, we chalked up the walk and watched a little farm girl take down a big townie boy and laughed about how in a few years that would be very different.  And then we went inside.  And the scene before you if you stood back and watched, was that of a mormon supper.

1 man, 2 women, and an octal of munchkins sitting around the table feasting on porkchops like it was the midevil times.  The poor man could barely eat as he sat and took in what was surrounding him.  Between the toddlers demands and needs, the little girls that wanted his attention of so badly, and the boy eating like a caveman….  It was definitely something to behold

All I could think as we cleared away the huge pile of plates where 15 porkchops had once been, was that we just had our 1st mormon supper, wonder if Betty’ll ever hear from him again…



*no, I’m not mormon, I don’t live in Utah and have nothing against mormons…



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