I want to sleep with him

and that’s all I want to do.

Get your minds out of the gutter, that’s not what I’m talking about!

I’m talking about sleeping, you know that thing you do in bed?  With blankets and pillows? Sometimes on the sofa, even?

I’ve never felt this way before, where everything just goes away when his  arms are wrapped around me, I feel so close to him, and safe, and comfortable.  When we sleep through the night he is my pillow and holds me close, and I awake still in his arms, it is heaven.

Never before have I felt so close to someone, even closer than when you have sex with someone and so much more meaningful, it’s weird…

Maybe it’s because I have never experienced something like that in Real life before, only watched it in the movies, and we all know that movies are fake, right?   I mean what guy would be happy just holding your hand?  Sitting with his arm draped over your shoulder and letting you cuddle into his side? Or sleeping through the night  half naked in bed just holding you tight? Only one in your dreams or on the big screen.

And now every night when he’s not here, all I want is for him to wrap his arms around me and let me fall asleep on him in bed, and just sleep through the night with him as my pillow in his big strong arms.


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