3 men, 1 name

I saw all 3 of my T’s his weekend all overlapping each other in the most unusual of ways.  Friday night, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Some introductions were made and others were not.

In and out, round and about, entered with one, and hugged another. Danced with My sweetheart while Betty distracted the other.   Awkward and weird, as I knew both were watching me dance, but knew where my heart belonged and where it never would; Who I was going home with out a doubt, and who won’t be coming about.   Flaunting my feelings?  Or just being drunk, the other saw he wasn’t wanted and exited quietly…

Relaxing on the back porch with my Sweet T, when a bang hits the roof and we look around, rocks don’t fall from trees, so I went to go and see, to find #3 standing in the doorway, looking for me.  This was about work and we got right to it, country jobs are 365 and the days don’t stop. This time introductions were made and they laughed at their names, as one bade farewell  since the other one came.

A weekend of T’s who could’a thought, would be such a jumble, with so many men with just one simple name.


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