Is it really important what we label each other? If we have boyfriends and girlfriends? Are lovers or pals?  It really doesn’t matter in the end? They all mean the same thing and as long as you know what you are to each other, does it relly matter what the rest of the world thinks?

Some people relish the labels and proudly display them. They Facebook it up with couple accounts, and pictures of them all smoochy faced and proudly listing their milestones and love for the world to see.  Others hide it all away, not even admitting to themselves that they are in a relationship, while those all around them are painfully  aware of it.  Even when they are assured by their partner, they won’t believe them.  But that’s not really the point, that’s me rambling on…

Of that list up there? Yeah that one at the top?  It is possible to be many and all of them at once, to fill different roles at different times with the same person and have that special something that the whole world is looking for.  Yeah, yeah, we all know how the story ends, and one way or another it will end eventually, but anyway you put it or look at it’s always worth the ride, whether you are a fuckbuddy or a lover; a boyfriend or a pal; everything has a label and a place and everything ebbs and flows, comes and goes, but if we don’t embrace it and live life to the fullest, what’s the point of living at all?

So now go out there and  do what you want, be who you are, enjoy your relationships with or without of labels, it is what it is and what will be will be.


* I think Facebook should use this list instead of their current single, in a relationship, complicated statuses, or better yet, let you write in your own…


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