Sex talks with my mom

Not really advice, but rather a statement that makes you think every time you find a new cock that you want to ride, and  one that pretty much grosses out everyone that hears o f it.  Her best friend liked men and their cocks, more than most.  But who could blame her?  She was hot, she was young, she was a flight attendant with a drug addicted ex who died of an overdose….

My mom speaking  of her Bestie:

” She’s had so many pricks in her she looks like an inside-out porcupine.”

Think about it, really think, makes you wonder doesn’t it?  Especially if you could how many have been in you and visualize…

So now when you see a woman who gets around, don’t call her a whore, call her an inside out porcupine….   She’ll wonder and then be grossed out at her own self…


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