Dang, and I really wanted one of those!!!

Mom got a new phone, and iPhone and has been playing around with it for like a week now.  I have been practically begging my boss to get me one for like 2 years to know avail, but not sure if I want one now…

Sundays Text messages:

Mom: This iPhone does everything for you but have sex with you

Me:  Put it on vibrate and that will fix that problem! Lol!!!

Mom: And then what do I do. hehe. 😛

Me: Enjoy! 😀  hehehehehe….

Darn it!  No need for one of them now!


Really Mom?  Really me?  And I wasn’t even drinking when I sent these replies!

I wonder how long  till iPhone really will have sex with you and then we won’t need humans for anything except to respond to our texts…

Well, maybe if you sext and it’s on vibrate and they send pictures….


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