Antique bed


My father bought my mother an antique iron bed as their nuptial bed and they used it for all 27 years of their marriage.  My father slept in it till the day he died.

It is a sturdy antique bed, made of wrought  iron and brass, but the mattress base is a sheet of plywood.  The same sheet of plywood that came with it when my father bought it, with his and my mothers initials written on it inside a heart with an arrow through it.  Apparently this has worked well for over 49 years…

This is the bed I dug out of storage and put back into use after 10 years of gathering dust when my last bed disappeared.   A lover once told me he thought he was going to break either me or the bed, and I told him to go ahead and try (he broke neither – the bastard).   I however feel that the bed is going to break, that it has finally met its match.  Not the bed frame, but the plywood base.  Every time is squeaks or gets sat on and sags, I fear it  is going to be the last time and I am going to be on the floor with my man the next time he comes over…

I have had this fear for the last 3 weeks.  It’s all fine and good when it’s just me in the  bed, but once a sexy man is added to the mix…   well… things start moving and the bed starts bouncing and I just picture a pile of blankets and bodies on the floor with a loud thud and a joy ride cut short…

So the question of the day is just how think a piece of plywood does one need? Especially for an active night of not sleeping with a giant lumberjack?



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