Shhh, it’s a secret…

All women who love men, and who doesn’t should read Men’s health.  Now I’m not telling everyone to run out and get a subscription and leave it on the coffee table for your man ( or men) to see, but rather hop on line and secretly take a look at what they are saying. Besides the obvious health tips that are not sugary coated like the ones in women’s mag’s are the stuff that they tell  men that tells you a lot… What men want in bed, and what they tell us that women want,  it’s for little gems like this…

How Do You Spot a Girl Worth Dating at a Bar?

You have as many choices in women as you do in drinks. There are the flashy, glitzed-out women: big hair, more makeup than Gene Simmons. These ladies are the shots—fun for a second or two, but the consequences are dangerous. And there are the bottles of wine. They look nice and smell good, but they’re a little hard to judge by the labels alone. Then there are the beers: the classic T-shirt-and-jeans girls, nothing too fancy, but they’ll definitely get you buzzed. They don’t need to scream for attention. And you know me—I always go for beer.

Read more at Men’s Health:

Hmmm, I’m good for a shot or 2, does that mean I’m only good for a one night stand?  I could go for a beer, if it’s really hot outside, that’s all that’s being offered, or someone buys me one, so does that mean I’m a plain jane?  But what I really like is a good mixed drink, nothing to fancy, just your basics, Captain and diet is my old standby, but I’ll never turn down a margarita, and if I happen to find a place with a blender ( which is really much harder than you would think out here in the sticks – which mean I’m  at an actual restaurant I still haven’t found a bar or pub in the middle of nowhere that possess’ one) a strawberry  daiquiri.  What does that make me?  And what does it make me if I drink shots and mixed drinks and maybe even a beer or 2 all on the same night?   

and this…

Is She Satisfied with Her Sex Life?

Lucky for us at Men’s Health, we have a wealth of information on females just down the hall in the Women’s Health offices. And trust us, that plays in our favor quite a bit. Recently they conducted a seriously sexy survey and the results are too useful not to share. Check out what the average woman does behind closed doors:

Read more at Men’s Health:

First off, I  have no idea who any of the celebs mentioned here are and wouldn’t want to do it with any of them, if I was to pick a celeb it would be Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, or Heath Ledger is he was still around and fucking.  Size matters, but if a guy is less than adequate and knows how to make up for it in “other ways” than it really isn’t an issue.  I mean as long as we both have a good time and get what we came for ( meaning to cum) then that’s all that matters, right?  Do people even date anymore?  This is so high school, have had sex on a first date.  What do they count as a first date?  the night you meet?  the 1st time he spends money on you?  or a one – on – one going out to a nice restaurant and movie kinda night?  I mean really…  and then the whole numbers game, we have all heard the rule take the number a woman says she has slept with and multiply it by 10, I am sure there is such an insane calculation for men to, although with them it’s probably divide it by 10 ( bah-dum-dum-dum)  but does that really matter?  And those #’s seem WAY TO LOW, unless they are talking to 17 year olds that is, or 75 year old women.  The only part of this I see that they got right is that most of us had our first times around 16, and that we have sex 2 days a week ( friday and saturday) but it’s usually way more than 2 actual times right?  night, morning, afternoon, naptime, middle of the night…  And hey who wouldn’t want sex daily?  Not even married couples manage that, and even hookers take a night off.

So many more gems out there at mens’ health just waiting to tell you all kinds of things the womens’ mags don’t tell us, so good secretly read what you can and sparks your interest, just whatever you do don’t let the menfolk know you have cruising their site or else!!!


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