The List:

We all have one. Admit it you do to, what you are looking for in that special someone. You might even have 2 lists; mandantory and nice to have. Some items are superficial, some are not; some lists are long and some are short, but anyway you put it you have a list. I polled Betty and Pixie on this matter and sure enough they have lists too…

  • Taller than me
  • Has a job – any job, but a job
  • Has tattoos
  • Military or ex-military
  • Drug – free even pot.
  • Likes kids – if he has his own or wants his own is irrelevant
  • Has a truck
  • Good with their hands can build things or fix things or do outdoorsy stuff
  • Excellent kisser
  • Not married
  • Makes me laugh
  • No drugs
  • Kid friendly
  • Mother disapproved
  • Works (anywhere and income’s completely irrelevant)
  • Gives me space
  • Preferably taller than me
  • Has great eyes (i’m a sucker for blue)
  • Great. in. bed. (or at least better than most ūüėČ
  • Tall ( don’t want to feel like I’m dating my little brother)
  • Has to have hair unless intentionally shaved and no goofy haircut
  • Has a job or contributes to society in some manner ( something that requires using hands and brain)
  • Needs to live on own ( not at mom and dads)
  • Wants kids and¬†is good with kids
  • Loves music and theater
  • Likes the outdoors and being active but also likes a movie night on the couch too
  • Compassionate and respectful
  • Isn’t a picky eater
  • Is a good lover

Our 3 lists are similar and different but all seem to have the same theme running through them.  A tall man who takes care of himself financially, and is good with kids.  Someone we find attractive be it the eyes, the hair, or tattoos and can take care of our sexual needs and desires.

But the real questions is when you meet someone and connect with them, does your list rule your decision?  Or is it just a guideline, because no one is perfect after all.  Everyone is not going to meet everything but if they meet enough of them criteria is that all that matters?  I think it does.

Would love to know what are on your lists, especially to hear from some guys on this matter, but in the end? ¬†You can’t help who you love lists or not.


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