Life Advice from my Mom

My mom is one of those *rare* individuals that doesn’t see her glass half full or half empty but rather smashed on the floor in pieces as she stares at it and moans.   Her most recent advice over the phone the other night ended up bringing me to tears, because she just wouldn’t understand and refused to listen to why I  didn’t want to do things her way.  But hey, even though it doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it might not work for you, and we are supposed to listen to our elders and pass along their words of wisdom, right?

So let’s get started with the laundry list of things we are and aren’t supposed to do that I was barraged with.

Don’t date him. He doesn’t make enough money (I have no idea how much money anyone makes it is impolite to ask),
Find someone wealthier than you to date,
Move to a more affluent area,
You can either have money when you’re young or money when you’re old – you can’t have both,
in order to be wealthy do not do any of the following – ever: buy new sheets, buy new towels, decorate your house, buy new furniture, buy new appliances, heat your whole house, buy a new car, buy new clothes, go on vacation, go out to eat.
Give up on everything except for the goal of attaining wealth
Put work before everything to the point where you are lonely and alone and miserable
Don’t move ever it’s expensive and wastes money
Wear your underclothes till they are falling apart no one will ever see them
Use hand-me-down sheets and towels from 2 generations ago’s estate
Don’t waste money on drinking, or smoking, or partying
Don’t buy a nice house

I don’t see how in the world following any of this advice would make anyone happy, wealthy? maybe. And if your life revolves around Money then their you go, but you will be miserable and alone just like she is. Just sayin’…


3 Responses to “Life Advice from my Mom”

  1. Oh my! Obviously your mother doesn’t understand “money doesn’t buy happiness”…..
    I’m sorry you are at odds with your mom. Sometimes, the people we think we need to be the closest with are actually the ones we need to distance ourselves from. 😦
    The most important advice any parent can give their children is that adults (including parents) can be wrong too……and must apologize when the situation warrants it.
    I’ve apologized to my children more than a few times over the years. Just because I’m the parent doesn’t mean I’m always the adult or that I’m always right. My daughter does a good job reminding me of that! LOL

    • Eh, not really at odds, she just has a very jaded view on life and love. One that I’ don’t share probably precisely because of how unhappy she always is. I listen politely and then put it out of my mind, because that’s who she is and always has been…

  2. Well… you define your wealth – be it money, freedom, love or a bit of whatever… Parents give advice based on their own mistakes (I do the same thing with my girls and my parents did the same). My poor kids… oh well. Sometimes I just need to step back and trust I did the right thing and taught them well. We don’t realize that some advice can do more damage to you just because we think it’s the right thing. I wish you the best… but you’re right. Money isn’t the true source of happiness.

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