Sometimes life sucks

like the days when everyone makes you painfully aware of all your short comings and your faults.

It’s days like those when you need to reach and grasp and strain to find any little silver lining to get by.

All those little things that make you happy and make you smile and make you want to just keep going in the game called life.

Those things are different for everyone, but there is one common thread in all of them.  Love.

Love something about yourself.

Love who you are.

Love who you’re with.

Love those you miss.

Love what you do.

Love what you eat.

and jump past all the BS that others are shoving your way to be happy with who you are and the decisions you’ve made to bring you where you are.  Even if today has sucked, tomorrow will be better.  Just look for the rainbows of love.


2 Responses to “Sometimes life sucks”

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  2. earlier i thought all this just felt good just in words, following it was extremely difficult. do yoga, it helps straigthen things out and give you a plan in life(even if you dont have one 🙂

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