every single woman needs a cat?


The handful brought home a kitten this weekend. One that I knew was coming eventually but that I really thought would be um, older? when it arrived? But nope they brought home a tiny 6 week old thing that is small enough to fit into almost everyones shoes except the smallest of the small.

Now I have nothing against cats in general. I will gladly stoke someones pussy cat if it purrs and sits on my lap. I keep them in the barn to help with the mice and whatnot that live there, but I have never wanted one in the house, but this little guy is simply too small to fend for himself outside. We’ve had kittens in the past, but those were different, they lived in the barn with their mamas. Not a little thing that was sent from it’s mama to soon to fend for itself, so inside it is.

I have learned several things very quickly in the past few days. Little kittens can climb stairs. They will scratch your nice kitchen table and when you scold them will go to the next closest piece of furniture. Little kittens will lead 3 feet into the air onto your leather sofa and walk all over your papers and pictures with out a care. They do not want to go to sleep at night, and will hide when you go looking for them. They won’t stay in their little cat beds and when the whole house goes to sleep, it’s dark and you close every single bedroom door, it will sit in the hall of doors and meow loudly for a very long time until it wakes someone up who sneaks it into their rooms.

If every single woman needs a cat I must not be cut out for single life, because I really DON’T need a cat!

Even though he is kinda cute and purrs like a motorboat.


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