What is love?

A feeling, a desire, an emotion. A frame of mind.

Something you feel for your lover,  your parents, and children.

It’s necessary, joyful, a burden.

Unprejudiced, unpredictable, untamable.

Fleeting and forever. Forgiving.


I once was in an arranged marriage and thought I loved my husband because that’s what wives did.  I was wrong.

After that I had a saying that “Love is for children.”   You can love children with all of your heart, and children love with all of theirs.  It doesn’t matter if they have never known hurt or have been beaten from day one, it’s just what they do,  they are like puppies in that sense, just like puppies.  Dogs and children are the 2 beacons of love that never waver.

But over the past year I have learned of new types of love.  Love for Friends, love for Lovers and love that you just can’t explain. They are all different and all the same.

I mean you don’t love your mother and your lover the same.  But you love them all in their own way.  Now I am not saying to go and love the world and that everyone deserves your love, but rather that when you find something you love to cherish it while you have it because you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.  If your child will grow to a teenager and hate everything you do, or your lover will find and angel and move away from you.  If your father will die when you are still young, or anything else that fate and destiny have in store.  Love can’t be bottled on a shelf, it can’t be bought with money and wealthy.  It’s just something that is,  and something that will be.

So love what you love and screw everyone else, it isn’t their life, it isn’t their death.  The pain love can bring is bittersweet but it’s worth the risk for it’s bliss.

You can’t pick who you love, you can’t force yourself to feel it, you can’t assign boxes and lists and seal it.  You can’t hide from it or run from it or pretend it’s not there.  You just have to embrace it and live it, and love it.



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