A fathers love

A father is not a sperm donor, but a man who raised children and shapes them for better. He who teaches them right from wrong, who holds them when they cry, who tickles their little toddler tummies, and gives bandaids on owies.  He who throws the football and drinks tea with teddy bears.  He who answers questions about how to tell a girl you like them, helps them dress for their first date, who meets the boys at the door with a shotgun and a warning not to be late.  He who wakes at their midnight nightmares and calls and he who stays up when they are out late.  He who teaches how to start a fire, he who listens and cares just because you are you.

He who does all that and more is a true father,is all any little girl could want.  And when He’s  gone life is that much sadder and harder.


Happy fathers day to all those that are true fathers.


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