Learn from my retarded fail…

When you know you get super scared  watching scary movies, it is a good idea to have your big male friend spend the night.

It is also nice of your friend to call you on her way home and let you know that the barn cat is dead in the middle of the road so you can take care of it before the handful get up in the morning and find a dead kitty.

You will take care of the kitty with no problems, calm and rationally, but then when your big male friend tries to comfort you on the way back to the house, when he touches your shoulder putting his arm around you, you will take off in a sprint for the safety of the house…

And you will look like an ass…

Plus every time you are outside for the next 2 days (maybe more) and the guard dog barks you will retreat into the house as swiftly as humanly possible.  Even if in the scary movie all the bad guys were killed at the end…   #lfmf


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