My sister has a dilemna

and I am asking for help and feedback from all of you readers and from a fellow blogger, I hope that SnarkySnatch/ will find this and answer the call, as well as anyone else out there.

If a man has every sucked another’s cock does that make him gay?

There’s a long back story to this one, but the short and sweet of it is that the man in question was very drunk one night in college over a decade ago and he ended up with a cock in his mouth (or maybe his cock was in another guys it depends on who you ask and how drunk they were when they heard the story which way it goes).  It was a one time thing.

I say that it was a drunken experiment, and who hasn’t played with the same sex at one time or another just to see how it was…

My friend says that it makes him gay.  It doesn’t matter if it was one time or 100; it doesn’t matter if it was sober or drunk; it doesn’t matter if it was last week or last century; that straight men just don’t do that.   It is fine for women to touch and play with other girls and still be straight as an arrow, but the rule does not apply to men.

So which is it?  Or is it something else entirely?


One Response to “My sister has a dilemna”

  1. My first reaction to this was “A drunken man’s deeds are a sober man’s thoughts” ……but then I thought about it for a minute……….and I’m not so sure if the rules are different for men and women when it comes to sexual “experimentation” with the same sex. I’m guessing there’s a gray area in this of which I have no clue about. I look forward to seeing other responses in here. This is QUITE a dilemma. Wow!

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