Panty free friday

Lumberjack told me it was panty free Friday,it was almost 8 at night. If he had told me earlier I would have gladly participated throughout the day. We were getting ready to head out for the evening with the Green Lantern and Betty to the nicest place in town. I almost fell for it, until Betty corrected him that it was the week before. He still checked though while we sat out back and had a smoke. We got to the restaurant I dressed in a little green dress that brought out the red of my hair and a tiny plaid thong. After drinks were served and meals ordered, and we had commented on how the places new decor was a little uhm? Texasy? Us girls excused ourselves for a moment to use the lady’s room, while there Betty convinced me to scoot out of the panties and put them in his pocket when we returned to the table. I did as I was told like a good little girl.

I don’t think that’s what he was expecting though,since I hadn’t removed them before we had left. He asked why I put a napkin in his pocket and then pulled it out to look at it not discreetly at all. I am pretty sure half the restaurant and the serving boy saw them. a tiny wisp of see-through green plaid and strings. Definitely not a napkin.

For the rest of the night he kept reaching down and patting by bottom just to verify they weren’t there, or see if it was some kind of trickery. I wonder why he thought I wouldn’t play along, I mean I have participated in bra free friday, and all the others, and really what good are panties anyway except to let a man take them off of you? This time he just took them off with his words and desires instead of his hands…


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