Head meet brick wall.

So sometimes bad decisions in our past follow us into our present and drag forward into our futures…

We go into our day expecting certain expectations, and when things don’t end that way it is extremely frustrating.

Especially when we have been through this before, 4 times before, to be precise each time going forth expecting to end the sham of a  marriage to end and each time you end up beating your head against a brick wall for a man that refuses to be reasonable in any aspect of anything!

So yup, back to court in 2 more months while once again nothing has been resolved, although this time I got the privilege to pay not only for a lawyer, but also for a babysitter for 8 hours!  Yay me!!!


4 Responses to “Head meet brick wall.”

  1. Yikes! I’m sorry 😦

  2. SITMON,
    I must have missed the story… Could you give me a link to the back story? I’m curious. Seriously. It happens. Waiting.
    Le Clown

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