Ex- anniversary? that day you wish no longer happened

Mine was the other day and caught me by surprise as I wasn’t looking forward to it, and it no longer needs to be celebrated, but rather could just drop off of the calendar forever and I would be happy.    Normally, when I was married, it was a really stressful day.  A day where I had to make a big fancy dinner, get the house cleaned, and the handful to bed early.  It always ended up filled with stress and sucked , at least I think it did, I am assuming it did because I just can’t remember any specific ones at this point.  Well, I remember the 1st anniversary and we had the topper from our wedding cake, but after that one? Nada.  They must have been really special then, right?  And I remember that there was no presents, no dinners out, no day off from the daily grind, just that I did extra work trying to make a nicer evening at home.

Well, this non-iversary was definitely different from all the past anniversaries.  I had fun, I was happy, the handful were able to be kids and at night I got to snuggle up with a big strong man, who spent the afternoon swinging little people in circles and helped clear the table after dinner, a dinner that didn’t take me hours to slave away over in the kitchen by myself, but rather a dinner that everyone helped cooked in some little way.

And the best part is that it was just a normal day around here now when the Lumberjack comes to visit.  I didn’t even know what day it was until bedtime, which just goes to show that any day can be a special day!



3 Responses to “Ex- anniversary? that day you wish no longer happened”

  1. SITMON,
    Fuckin’ A to that. Thrilled that you had a pleasurable non-eventful day.
    Le Clown

  2. All of my favorite anniversary memories were spent with someone I was wasn’t married to after I divorced. And that, my friend, is my cue to stay single. ; ) Glad you enjoyed the day.

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