Big scaredy cat

Yep that’s me.  I can do all kinds of things I would rather not, since I have become single and living in the middle of nowhere with the handful…  I can set mouse traps and take out the critters that they catch, I can look at a snake with out freaking out ( heck I even baked a pie for the lumberjack and the handful the other day fully aware that their was a snake under the kitchen fridge not 2 feet away – but that’s another story…)  I can handle cuts so bad they require stitches on the wrist of my eldest less than a centimeter away from the artery ( again another story), load hogs and steers like a champ and even back up a livestock trailer pretty close to where it should go most of the time.  I sling 50lb. bags of feed over my shoulder with a sprained ankle and I’m not afraid to go eat alone, go to a club or talk to strangers.  Nope, none of that I find hard or terrifying, but talking to the man I _ _ _ _ about that?  Asking if we are boyfriend girlfriend, changing my facebook status, telling him that I _ _ _ _ him, or asking him to move in?  Those thoughts all terrify me..

But I did it all ( or most of it) anyways after a drunken afternoon talk with Betty, and a Talk with Betty, Pixie and a random guy at open mic night.  And you know what?  I feel better now.  Do I have any of the answers I wanted?  Nah, not really, but at least now my handsome Lumberjack knows how I feel.  And I guess time will tell if he wants the same as I do…


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