Nope, you never cheated on me

So my ex has maintained for years that he has never cheated on me.  Aannnndddd, I believed him, I mean why wouldn’t I right? ( insert eye roll).

But once I had to use his computer for work because mine was broken, and when I went to skype chat my boss for  a meeting I found a rather interesting chat left open with a local home wrecker.  Now, I don’t remember how he explained that one away, but he did and the chat disappeared.  Whatever,  then when he moved out and was spending all his time at her house, and introduced the kids while still couch surfing at his buddies, I knew the truth.  Funny thing is he still denies it to this day, even though her multitude of babies by many daddies all call him Daddy-o and they all live together like the fucking “Brady Bunch” ( well on the weekends when mine are there), hmm, well maybe more “yours, mine and ours” or “cheaper by the dozen” then Brady Bunchesque, but whatever, you get my point.

So, anyhow flash forward to yesterday when I decided to try and put things in actual boxes for the big move.  I boxed the pictures I just put on the wall a month and a half ago, I opened  up some drawers to look and see what was in them, and in among the signed football pictures and concert shirts, a random picture or to, newspaper clippings of our neighbor in the middle of the country that was arrested for having sex with her students, was an email that someone printed out in 2009.  Can you guess what it was?  Yep it was of a lady friend, actually a co-teacher from the time who was also married and had kids and she is scantily clap and naked and provocative in all her glory…   And it made me laugh.

See, back in the day I and her husband had our suspicions, I asked him not to hang with her after work he got mad, I let it go.  Her husband forbade them to see each other and she got a new job.  I believed his lies for so long, oh well, what am I going to do about it now?

I thought about calling and asking if he wanted them back, My mom said to send them to his dad, frankly I don’t want to stir up any shit, especially not something from 4 years ago, many states away, when my ex is not my problem any more.  Maybe I should send him to the man eating home wrecker he is with now so she knows the kind of man she got, but that would be doing her a favor, and I am not that kind. But I am very tempted to post them on the internet somewhere with her real name…


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