Change is in the air…

Well, that was short lived, I guess I should have known from the start, but when you are in the middle of something, it’s hard to see the end…

As my mother loves to say ” I am never with out a man long… ”  and I  guess she is right, well, this time at least.  My divorce is getting close to it’s end, and at the conclusion of it, I will be vacating our place in the middle of nowhere…  And will be off on new adventures, this time with not only the Handful, but also the Lumberjack in tow!  So, while I will still post till the end of this great adventure of singledom (which will most likely be the rest of my life – or at least my mothers, regardless what Betty says), I fear it will be less and less frequent as I try to set up a new home, and relocate my business, while still working 3 jobs, being a parent to the handful, and melting the Lumberjack into all aspects of our daily lives…


If you are interested in following the new blog – about my insane attempts at house and home; DIY and cooking; and kids and work, let me know, you are more than welcome to come along for the ride…


One Response to “Change is in the air…”

  1. SINTON,
    I’d love to read your new adventures, and good luck with your new endeavours! You’re good people.
    Le Clown

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