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Change is in the air…

October 5, 2012

Well, that was short lived, I guess I should have known from the start, but when you are in the middle of something, it’s hard to see the end… As my mother loves to say ” I am never with out a man long… ”  and I  guess she is right, well, this time at […]

Lumberjack and #5 spent the morning playing dinosaurs and watching Elmo while I slept…

September 27, 2012

Now and Then

September 27, 2012

Then Now   Somethings in life make you step back and pause and think, what just happened here?   I have been having a lot of these lately, especially since the Lumberjack essentially started living with us (he still has his own place, at least till the big move coming up, it’s just that he’s just here […]

Nope, you never cheated on me

September 20, 2012

So my ex has maintained for years that he has never cheated on me.  Aannnndddd, I believed him, I mean why wouldn’t I right? ( insert eye roll). But once I had to use his computer for work because mine was broken, and when I went to skype chat my boss for  a meeting I […]

moving on up, to the East side

September 20, 2012

Or at least farther east then I am now by about 4 miles :).  Sometimes things in our life, aren’t really our choice, but how we react to them is.  For instance I have to move, I was given up to 90 days at the beginning of the month.  My mother feels this is unfair and absurd […]

Aye, I’d be a good pirate matey!

September 19, 2012

Package deal

September 18, 2012

My mom, I love her to pieces but she really has a pessimistic, angry, jaded view on life.  She can take something that most people would see as  a positive, and quickly turn it to a negative.  She was recently visiting and I got 2 earfuls and a half on her philosophy, even though she has […]

Hitch your Wagon

September 18, 2012

Betty and I were having a conversation the other day, about how everyone was telling her she needed to hitch her wagon.  Wagons are large and heavy and hard to pull by hand with just one person, you don’t get very far, you get  increasingly tired and worn out, and there is a long road […]

Daddy sold the farm, Grandpa own’s the farm now…

September 9, 2012

Let’s play house…

September 9, 2012