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moving on up, to the East side

September 20, 2012

Or at least farther east then I am now by about 4 miles :).  Sometimes things in our life, aren’t really our choice, but how we react to them is.  For instance I have to move, I was given up to 90 days at the beginning of the month.  My mother feels this is unfair and absurd […]

Finally done dancing the Limbo Rock…

September 9, 2012

  But of course that doesn’t mean that the crazyness would end!  Now I just get a new brand of crazy.  Now I get a crazy mom who thinks I am insane for not mortgaging my life for a falling down house that needs $20k in repairs.  Now I get a crazy EX-husband who questions my every […]

Ex- anniversary? that day you wish no longer happened

July 31, 2012

Mine was the other day and caught me by surprise as I wasn’t looking forward to it, and it no longer needs to be celebrated, but rather could just drop off of the calendar forever and I would be happy.    Normally, when I was married, it was a really stressful day.  A day where […]

Head meet brick wall.

July 12, 2012

So sometimes bad decisions in our past follow us into our present and drag forward into our futures… We go into our day expecting certain expectations, and when things don’t end that way it is extremely frustrating. Especially when we have been through this before, 4 times before, to be precise each time going forth […]