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Now and Then

September 27, 2012

Then Now   Somethings in life make you step back and pause and think, what just happened here?   I have been having a lot of these lately, especially since the Lumberjack essentially started living with us (he still has his own place, at least till the big move coming up, it’s just that he’s just here […]

The List:

May 22, 2012

We all have one. Admit it you do to, what you are looking for in that special someone. You might even have 2 lists; mandantory and nice to have. Some items are superficial, some are not; some lists are long and some are short, but anyway you put it you have a list. I polled […]

Thank you Betty for watching my handful

May 7, 2012

and to the Green lantern for helping her with another 8 miracle riot, this time with water!!! The perfect thank you gift! It even has midgets, and one’s black!!!!

Ode to my little Mohawk man…

May 6, 2012

oinky squeels a thunk and an ouch

April 16, 2012

while driving through town, this song will never be the same…

Mormon Supper

April 4, 2012

My besty Betty and I have dinners frequently with each other and all the little wild people.  I t is something of a tradition now our weekly meals, something the small ones look forward to as well as Betty and I.    It’s pretty strait forward, 2 single women who live alone and the little […]

Stood up

April 3, 2012

Not on a date, but on something oh so more important… No, not sex, way more meaningful then that even, on meeting the kids. I have never before this one had the thought even cross my mind of letting anyone I’m seeing or playing with cross with the thought of my kids,  but this one, […]

laughing through life

February 12, 2012

all that I’m after is a life full of laughter, I know where to get my laughter from: good friends and good kids…  Forget the rest and enjoy the best…  

Hello World!

July 9, 2011

My life has led me to a town whose population is less than the amount of kids in my graduating class at high school. Yep. You read that correctly graduating class in High school>entire towns population. Now that’s great for many things, but dating? Not so much.