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Lumberjack and #5 spent the morning playing dinosaurs and watching Elmo while I slept…

September 27, 2012


A fathers love

June 17, 2012

A father is not a sperm donor, but a man who raised children and shapes them for better. He who teaches them right from wrong, who holds them when they cry, who tickles their little toddler tummies, and gives bandaids on owies.  He who throws the football and drinks tea with teddy bears.  He who answers […]

What is love?

June 13, 2012

A feeling, a desire, an emotion. A frame of mind. Something you feel for your lover,  your parents, and children. It’s necessary, joyful, a burden. Unprejudiced, unpredictable, untamable. Fleeting and forever. Forgiving.   I once was in an arranged marriage and thought I loved my husband because that’s what wives did.  I was wrong. After that I had a saying that […]

Sometimes life sucks

May 30, 2012

like the days when everyone makes you painfully aware of all your short comings and your faults. It’s days like those when you need to reach and grasp and strain to find any little silver lining to get by. All those little things that make you happy and make you smile and make you want […]


April 17, 2012

buddy, pal, friend, boyfriend, lover, fuckbuddy, companion, fools. Is it really important what we label each other? If we have boyfriends and girlfriends? Are lovers or pals?  It really doesn’t matter in the end? They all mean the same thing and as long as you know what you are to each other, does it relly […]

Better to have loved and lost?

February 18, 2012

or not to love at all. That is a great question. I may have lost in this most recent round, but am I sorry that I put myself out there? No, not one bit.  Am I sad that I have lost?  Yes, but I will pull through…  I will pull through quickly, not waiting on […]

Come home to me…

February 8, 2012

I know my home is not yours, but when you’re in my arms the world just melts away… and I can cure all that ails you with my love…

Torturing my man…

February 6, 2012

I’ve got plenty of men, that’s not a problem for me apparently at this point, but as I said before I am the other woman for many of them, and for the others I am but a cyber / texting fantasy… It doesn’t bother me, in fact I love it, I can torture them all […]