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Change is in the air…

October 5, 2012

Well, that was short lived, I guess I should have known from the start, but when you are in the middle of something, it’s hard to see the end… As my mother loves to say ” I am never with out a man long… ”  and I  guess she is right, well, this time at […]

Now and Then

September 27, 2012

Then Now   Somethings in life make you step back and pause and think, what just happened here?   I have been having a lot of these lately, especially since the Lumberjack essentially started living with us (he still has his own place, at least till the big move coming up, it’s just that he’s just here […]

Package deal

September 18, 2012

My mom, I love her to pieces but she really has a pessimistic, angry, jaded view on life.  She can take something that most people would see as  a positive, and quickly turn it to a negative.  She was recently visiting and I got 2 earfuls and a half on her philosophy, even though she has […]

Silly Chabad Rabbi, Why can’t an Irish girl be own a Jewish book?

August 27, 2012

Nothing like being accosted by the Hissidic Rabbi at the Great State fair when I casually mentioned to the Lumberjack that I had the Jewish prayer cheat sheet book out on his display…

Big scaredy cat

August 17, 2012

Yep that’s me.  I can do all kinds of things I would rather not, since I have become single and living in the middle of nowhere with the handful…  I can set mouse traps and take out the critters that they catch, I can look at a snake with out freaking out ( heck I […]

Ex- anniversary? that day you wish no longer happened

July 31, 2012

Mine was the other day and caught me by surprise as I wasn’t looking forward to it, and it no longer needs to be celebrated, but rather could just drop off of the calendar forever and I would be happy.    Normally, when I was married, it was a really stressful day.  A day where […]

An earwig for the Lumberjack, who pointed out when they were using the wrong ax in every single scene…

July 18, 2012

The bed was so warm and cozy before you got up…

July 11, 2012

Panty free friday

July 4, 2012

Lumberjack told me it was panty free Friday,it was almost 8 at night. If he had told me earlier I would have gladly participated throughout the day. We were getting ready to head out for the evening with the Green Lantern and Betty to the nicest place in town. I almost fell for it, until […]

So glad for that night when Betty set me up with the Lumberjack…

May 30, 2012