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Nope, you never cheated on me

September 20, 2012

So my ex has maintained for years that he has never cheated on me.  Aannnndddd, I believed him, I mean why wouldn’t I right? ( insert eye roll). But once I had to use his computer for work because mine was broken, and when I went to skype chat my boss for  a meeting I […]

moving on up, to the East side

September 20, 2012

Or at least farther east then I am now by about 4 miles :).  Sometimes things in our life, aren’t really our choice, but how we react to them is.  For instance I have to move, I was given up to 90 days at the beginning of the month.  My mother feels this is unfair and absurd […]

body hurts and still dancing

February 19, 2012

can’t do that very often, but I love the music at the club!!!