Hitch your Wagon

Betty and I were having a conversation the other day, about how everyone was telling her she needed to hitch her wagon.  Wagons are large and heavy and hard to pull by hand with just one person, you don’t get very far, you get  increasingly tired and worn out, and there is a long road ahead of us all.   Preferably she should find  a hitch with money, a good job, and who would care for her and the wild boys, but any old hitch would b better than none.  I of course jumped right on board with this train of thought and said, yep this is what she needed, a good hitch to carry her and her wagon through life.

I didn’t even have to think about it for her – it’s what she needs, but then last night after spending the day deciding what needs to be packed for the big move coming up, and yet another oh so lovely conversation with my mom about how I need to stay away from men because they are evil and only want one thing from a woman (and with my mom we are not talking about sex, but rather money), I got to thinking what if I wasn’t a wagon, but a hitch? And is that a problem?

Now I know it probably shouldn’t make any difference in the long run, who’s the hitch and whose the wagon, but maybe it does?  The man is traditionally supposed to be the  bread winner, the head of the house hold, the final say in debates, the decision maker, and the hammer in disciplining the kids…   But…  I’ve done that ( well except for the bread winner part) and it ended horribly, and really isn’t something I want to repeat.  And the more I thought about it, I don’t envision The Handful as baggage, but rather as high spirited horses ready to run and pull and struggle forward through life.  So if I’m attached to them, then I must be the hitch, I’m the head of the household, the hammer, the final say, and the decision maker along with being the bread maker and baker!  And if I’m the hitch, then don’t I get more say in what my wagon contains?  I mean their are plenty of wagons in life waiting for a ride, but only so many hitches, and only the lucky ones wagons get towed along, so maybe it’ not such a bad thing to be the hitch…  But, oh boy!  I hope their wagon is tough, because we are going for a wild and crazy high speed ride with those spirited horses of mine!!!


One Response to “Hitch your Wagon”

  1. ha. i say shoot for the moon and “hitch your wagon to a star” a la ralph waldo emerson style 😉

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